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List of Rock and Mineral Musuems From

A. E. Seaman Mineral Museum - Houghton MI. The official Mineralogical Museum of Michigan with the finest collection of minerals from Michigan's famous copper and iron mining districts. Over 60,000 minerals in our possession, and over 20,000 of these minerals are displayed.

Coppertown USA - Calumet MI. Museum traces the evolution of miners and mining people with a series of tasteful exhibits designed for the family.

Cranbrook Institute of Science Museum - Bloomfield Hills MI. General science museum with excellent mineral displays.

Gerald Eddy Geology Center - Waterloo MI. In the geology room, kids and families can discover that geology is fun! Visitors can enter a model ice cave to see themselves standing next to a giant beaver or Jefferson mammoth. Youngsters will enjoy conducting experiments in the "Mad Scientist Lab" and the "Fossil Graveyard" features lift-a-rock models of fossilized bones and teeth. Touch-screen computer games will test your geology knowledge and you can view a large collection of rocks and minerals from throughout the state. Note: State park access sticker required.

Grand Rapids Public Museum - Grand Rapids MI. Collecting objects of local and inter-galactic significance for over 155 years the museum has a huge collection of rocks, minerals, and related on display and available for research. 

Gitche Gumee Agates History Museum - Grand Marais MI. A large collection of incredible Lake Superior agates from 71 years of agate hunting.

Houghton County Historical Museum - Lake Linden MI. Everything relating to copper mining.

Iron Industry Museum (Jackson Mine Museum) - Negaunee MI. Attractions include permanent and temporary exhibits, outdoor interpretive paths.

Jesse Besser Museum - Alpena MI. Collection of rare copper artifacts including bannerstones and birdstones.

Kemp Mineral Resources Museum - Sault Ste. Marie MI. Housed at Lake Superior State University, contains W & M Chance Collection.

Michigan Historical Museum - Lansing MI. Minerals, Iron and Copper mining exhibits, mining memorabilia.

Michigan State University Museum - East Lansing MI. The Hall of Evolution exhibit at the MSU Museum is constructed as a time line, with exhibits of fossils arranged in chronological order from the Cambrian Period (about 500 million years ago) to the Pleistocene Epoch or "Ice Age" that ended about 10,000 years ago. The fossils are accompanied by diorama paintings showing the animals as they appeared in life. Fossils displayed include the skull of a Tyrannosaurus rex and a femur from an Apatosaurus.

Quincy Mine and Hoist - Hancock, MI Go inside a real copper mine. Tour the world's largest steam hoist. Numerous rock specimens.

University of Michigan Exhibit Museum - Ann Arbor MI. Permanent displays include: The Hall of Evolution on the Museum's second floor houses Michigan's largest display of prehistoric life. Over 600 million years of life on Earth are traced through fossils, models, and dioramas. Here you can find dinosaurs, prehistoric whales, mastodons, and geology displays on the fourth floor offer a large selection of rocks and minerals.